Developing Pulsar Applications

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Learn from Pulsar expert Jesse Anderson and special guests Matteo Merli and Sijie Guo on how to develop applications using Apache Pulsar.

About this Training

This training will take attendees through an in-depth look at Apache Pulsar. We will look at how Pulsar works and how to create real-time systems with it. This will include how to create consumers and publishers in Pulsar. Then we will look at Pulsar’s ecosystem, including Pulsar Functions, Pulsar IO, and Pulsar SQL, and how each one is used.

Training Details

Details: This is an on-demand class and has been pre-recorded. 13 total hours of training split across four 3-hour and 15 minutes sessions.

Course Includes:

  • Videos of lectures, guest speakers, and questions/answers
  • Virtual machine with Pulsar installed and all course source code
  • Slides
  • Exercise guide

Intended Audience: Technical, Software Engineers, QA, Analysts

Prerequisites: Intermediate-Level Java

Pricing: $200

You Will Learn

  • How to create large scale real-time systems using Apache Pulsar
  • How real-time distributed systems are different from batch systems
  • How to create Pulsar producers and consumers
  • How to use Apache Avro with Pulsar for truly enterprise-grade solutions
  • How to use Pulsar Functions to create data pipelines
  • How to use your existing SQL skills with Pulsar SQL

Course Outline

Data At Scale

  • Data Movement Concepts
  • Moving Data at Scale

Pulsar Concepts

  • Pulsar
  • Basic Concepts
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Advanced Features

Developing With Pulsar

  • Using Apache Maven
  • Pulsar API

Advanced Pulsar Development

  • Advanced Producers
  • Advanced Consumers
  • Multi-threading Consumers

Pulsar and Avro

  • Why Serialize
  • Avro and Serialization Formats

Pulsar Functions

  • What Are Pulsar Functions?
  • Writing Functions
  • Managing State

Pulsar SQL

  • Pulsar SQL and Presto
  • Using Pulsar SQL

Technologies Covered

  • Apache Pulsar
  • Pulsar Functions
  • Pulsar SQL
  • Apache Avro

About Jesse Anderson

Jesse Anderson is a Data Engineer, Creative Engineer, and Managing Director of Big Data Institute. He works with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies on Big Data and has trained more than 30,000 people on Apache Kafka, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Apache Pulsar.

This is an on-demand class and has been pre-recorded. It is presented as a partnership between Stream Native and Big Data Institute.

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Developing Pulsar Applications

0 ratings